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A Little Piece of Holland
is Just a Tiptoe Away


Enjoy a daycation with a visit to the tulip field at Texas-Tulips, located at 10656 FM 2931 in Pilot Point, Texas. Depending on the weather, you can begin picking tulips in the middle or end of February and continue picking until the end of March or the beginning of April. Follow Texas-Tulips on social media or visit their website for up-to-date information.

There are roughly 100 different types of tulips available overall (early, mid, and late-flowering varieties). Throughout the picking season, varieties become available at different times. Texas Tulips has an enormous selection of hues and forms, so there is something for everyone. Plan to fall head over heels in love with these gorgeous tulips because they are just too good to resist!

Here's how it works:

  • On the field, there is a picking basket that you can use to gather your tulips to purchase.

  • Create your own gorgeous bouquet of tulips by selecting the ones you wish to buy.

  • Bring your tulips to the stand, and they will wrap them up for you in lovely tissue paper and apply a special gel to the stems to keep them fresh until you can bring them home or take them to your next appointment.

  • The gel will keep your tulips fresh for the duration of the day, so take them home or enjoy the rest!

Styling Advice

The tulips remain fresh throughout the day, thanks to the gel. After relocating your tulips, give them a quick rinse and submerge them in water. When decorating your home, use your favorite vase. Alternatively, use a bucket to arrange your tulip flowers to display outside on your porch or terrace. Just make sure it's somewhere you can enjoy them!

Fresh tulips, which are available in an array of colors, have an unparalleled springtime feel. Texas-Tulips offer an amazing selection of tulip varieties, some of which are as follows:  fringed, parrot-shaped, striped tulips, Texas Gold, Texas Flame, and American Dream.

Picking Tulips

What could be better than walking in a field with thousands of tulips and the people you love?

Imagine your children picking tulips for you and your partner, or for their grandparents. Come visit Texas-Tulips and make memories that will last a lifetime! Or perhaps you just want to treat yourself to a bouquet of tulips and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Nothing expresses "I love you" more than a stunning bouquet of tulips from Texas-Tulips! They're thoughtful and wonderful gifts for all the people you care about. All your beautiful tulips will be wrapped with love and covered with a special gel to preserve them for as long as possible.

Create Beautiful Pictures and Welcome in the Spring Season!

Our expansive property offers a wealth of chances for stunning landscape and portrait photography. It's time to visit Texas-Tulips as soon as spring arrives! Capture stunning, one-of-a-kind photos amid our magnificent tulip varieties. It would be hard to find better pictures anywhere in Texas. The tulips dance in the sunlight as the sun rises over the undulating hills of Texas; row by row, they open up to reflect the brilliant rays of the early morning sun. Many different types of unusual tulips change dramatically in color as the sun rises to its zenith, offering new photo opportunities. You can use the natural illumination angle to hone your photography skills. Alternatively, take some beautiful and treasured pictures to share these fleeting moments with loved ones. Feel free to share these happy memories on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, #Texas-Tulips!


Hay Maze for the Kids

Texas-Tulips even offers a hay maze set up for your little ones, who might not be quite ready to pick tulips. Children can explore and learn through play in this maze while taking in the fresh air. This allows you some time to enjoy some tranquility while you explore the tulips.


Operating hours / Entrance Fee

  •  Entrance fee: $6.

  • Veterans discount entrance fee Monday through Friday only: $10/person (includes four tulips).

  •  Seniors discount entrance plus four tulips Monday through Friday only: $10/person.

  • Field trips or large group entrance fee Monday through Friday only: $10/person (includes four tulips)

  • Free entrance for children 12 months and under

  • Operating hours: Monday through Sunday, seven days a week, 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

  • Free parking

  •  Concessions are available including snacks, chips, candy, and sodas.

  • Professional photographers can attend without appointments, and a day pass will be provided upon paying the $25.00 entrance fee.

  •  Texas Tulips hold the right to change entrance fees at all times

  • Enter at your own risk



  • U-pick, $2.50/stem (tulip flowers will be wrapped in pretty paper, and stems will be put in flower gel).

  • Picking baskets are available to use on the field.


The Field

  •  There are picnic tables and restrooms.

  • Dogs are not allowed in our field or in the parking lot or car. For service dogs, please call us in advance.

  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the field conditions

  • Wheelchairs are only feasible to use in favorable weather conditions and with someone’s guidance.

  • No drones allowed

  • Enter at your own risk

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